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How To Tour The World On A Tight Budget?

If you’re struggling on a tight budget but wish to travel the world, it all begins with budgeting your trip into your budget. You don’t have to have the fortune to travel. You just have to plan carefully. Just as I did when traveling to a beautiful place in India, called Assam. I just went to a local website, which is about Guwahati Tourism – Tourist Places and Hotels Website of the city. Here, I find everything that I needed to know before visiting this particular city.


If you’re spending your money wisely, you’ll be able to save a few dollars each pay period Start by finding a savings account that gives you a reasonable interest rate. You can visit this url for reference-

Many people are turning to online savings banks to find better interest rates. Find one that you like and begin to put away some extra money each month.

It will add up slowly, but you’ll be doing something to save some money and make your dreams come true. No matter what happens, don’t touch your travel account.

You should also have an emergency savings plan in place. That way, if your car breaks down or something, you’re not touching your travel money.


You may have a specific destination in mind, or you may not quite know where you wish to go. Start doing some research and determine your first destination.

You can list out several ideas and then focus in on the first one that you wish to see to reality. Remember, the others can come at a later date. So make this first one well within your reach. Here is a good resource –

If you feel as if it will never happen, then look at some of these other options for traveling around the world on very little to no money.

Work Overseas

There are many great jobs to be had overseas. You’ll be paid, and you’ll get to see the world. These ideas are from people who have actually tried them. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Au pair

Get paid to tend to someone else’s kids while you travel. If you find the right family, you may be traveling right along with them. Many families choose to hire an au pair for their children’s care. Get certified and get employed and travel the world.

  • Bartender

If you’ve previously visited a great resort and know how to bartend, consider asking if they need another bartender. You will have a job somewhere foreign and be able to enjoy the region on your own terms.

  • Hostel Worker

Many people stay in hostels when they travel. They are inexpensive to free depending on the area. You’ll be expected to do some work (check people in or out or both, clean rooms or the general areas and perhaps make a few meals) in exchange for room and board. The rest of the time is yours to enjoy.

  • Farmworker ( this choice is trendy in Australia as well as New Zealand)

Help out on a farm in exchange for room and board. You’ll enjoy some time in Australia or New Zealand and still get to do some traveling. If you’re great with animals or farming, you may well qualify for this one.

  • Join The Peace Corp.

The Peace Corp. is always looking for volunteers. Hire on, and you’ll travel the world helping others who are in need.

  • Cruise Ship

Remember the old show, Love Boat? It was a cruise ship that traveled the world. Hire on as an employee on a cruise ship and travel the world for free. It’s a great way to meet people and have a great job.

  • Casinos

Casinos aren’t just in the United States. Hire on as a casino employee and find a job somewhere else in the world. You may find that you have a real knack for working with people and playing cards.

  • Ski Resorts

Ski resorts are understandably seasonal jobs. You can get a job at a ski resort and work your way up the ladder. Transfer to other ski resorts, and you’ll be traveling the world. Get to know some famous skiers and learn about each region you visit.

  • Yacht

If you’re mechanically inclined, you may be able to hire on as a yacht worker. Or perhaps you’re a great deckhand. If you were raised around yachts and the like, you might already be well qualified for such a job.

  • English As A Second Language

If you’re a teacher and can teach English, there are many ESL or English as a second language, teachers that travel the world and teach others how to properly speak English. They may also help them learn how to write English.

  • Missions Trips

If you’re a part of a church, you may wish to consider missions trips. Many churches send volunteers on mission trips to help those who are struggling. You may build a house in Mexico, and you might provide some medical assistance to children and families in Uganda, you might travel to some other country and help in some fashion. Churches will help you to drum up support, and you’ll go with a group. It’s a great way to travel the world and make a difference for someone else.

Something Less Adventourus

If you’re seeking something less adventurous, you may wish to consider a camping trip across the country.

Whether you’re tent camping or borrow an RV (yes, borrow) you can save a lot of money by boondocking (camping in free areas such as Bureau of Land Management sites) or choosing more rustic campsites.

Pack your own food or plan to stop at the grocery store and stock up on some great camping foods. Save yourself a ton by not eating out.

Inexpensive Ways To Fly

Choose late night (red eye) flights that are much less expensive.

Fly standby where you have to wait and see if they have room for you.

Use air miles (you can save these up on credit cards and other ways for specific airlines).

Hint: If you’re flying, pack light. A carry on is the easiest way to go and that way you never have to check luggage which may cost more (and get lost).

Refer this resource for more –

Hostels/Bed & Breakfasts/Locals/AirBnB

Instead of booking a luxury hotel, why not stay at a hostel, a Bed & Breakfast, with locals or at an AirBnB? You’ll save a lot of money when you go this route, and you’ll get to know some fascinating folks.


Again, there are many ways to save on food. Plant to buy your own at a local grocery whenever possible.

Eat at small “mom and pop” restaurants instead of large chain restaurants that tend to cost more money.

For more refer here:

Eat lunch instead of dinner, it’s amazing how the same sandwich can be $3 cheaper if you have it at lunch instead of dinner.

Eat a breakfast or an all you can eat buffet. Fill up, and you won’t need to eat again for quite awhile.

Focus on ways to save and take that trip of a lifetime and don’t be afraid to be creative. You may have a wonderful trip waiting for you if you just put some considerable thought into the entire process.


Many people want to buy a lot of souvenirs. Instead, take your camera and take pictures. Be sure that you’re in some of the photos. These make way better souvenirs than expensive items that you can only get at specialty shops.

Besides, you won’t have to dust your photos off like you will your souvenirs. If an item really speaks to you, have a small budget for such things, however, keep it very small.

Touring the world on a budget is very easy to do if you apply some of these ideas to your trip. Plan ahead as much as possible and enjoy your vacation.

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