As soon as I got to FL I started my quest for where to find a good gelateria. Luckily my search was not a long one, for we found one an hour north in Gainesville. The Gelato Company is a cute little café located on SE 1st avenue.

The server was very helpful, asking us if we had gelato before. We said of course and he asked us where. When Roberto said Italy, he kind of stopped his spiel mid-sentence. But I liked the fact that the server knew his product and was willing to educate new converts.
The day we went they had many flavors to choose from, but we were a little disappointed because they had strayed a bit from the traditional gelato flavors we love. Flavors like, nocciola, pistacchio and stracciatella, were replaced with ice cream favorites such as: chai tea, peanut butter cup and cheesecake. Some might applaud their originality by making gelato Americano, but for purists like us, we were disenchanted. For me, not having gelato alla nocciola at my constant disposal is sad enough, but not having it available at a gelateria, it is a crime. I settled on amaretto, Roberto had banana split (in solidarity with his favorite American treat) and my mom had chocolate-raspberry. It was good, but not great. Especially because like most of the American gelaterias they don’t serve it with whipped cream, like they do in Italy! However, if one has never had gelato, it is a good step, and the service and information are great. But it makes me want to go to Roma even more so I can get the real deal!
However, if you want a little secret as to where I think the best gelato alla nocciola (outside of Italy) resides, it is Café Vittoria in Boston’s North End.

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