My girl Rachael Ray has been getting a lot of flack lately, and I may get a lot of flack for writing this, but o’well, I am going to say it anyway! Seems that yet another talented, tough, hard working girl just got too famous for where some say she is supposed to be – she’s in the top of the cooking industry and she’s not even a real trained chef at that – blasphemy! Well I can admit that sometimes she is too hyper for my taste and perhaps she is a bit gruff and speaks her own language of abbreviations and short cuts which can annoy and confuse, but honestly, when I think about it, those personality quirks are outweighed by the many things I like about her.

1) She is Sicilian

2) She learned to cook from her Grandfather

3) She makes mistakes all the time, like real people do in the kitchen, and they don’t edit it out

4) She has brought cooking to the mainstream like no one before her (except for maybe Emeril Lagasse and he gets the same sort of flack that she does)

5) She, unlike many of my other favorite celebrity chefs like Giada De Laurentiis, Nigella Lawson and Mario Batali never had any connections to help her get where she has gone

6) She is a cook, not a trained chef and still she has made it to the top of the cooking industry – something we could all strive to do

7) She has that blue-collar working girl ethic, which I really admire

Rachael Ray is the real deal, she is self made, self taught and she is not afraid to be herself. Her personality, the very thing she is critiqued for the most, is totally real. With her, you get what you see. No one can say anything better about a person.