One thing about living in Florida after living for many years in New England previously is that after a while you begin to miss the woods. You miss the maples, oaks, poplars and birches.


You miss the little streams, rivers and waterfalls.


You miss the earthy and robust smell of the Northern forests. Forests in Florida are full of reptiles, snakes, bugs, arachnids and swamps. Not really somewhere I want to be for pleasure. So Roberto and I decided that we needed to reconnect with one of our favorite parts of New England – the forest.


At this time of year the leaves are at their peak of fall foliage color – bright reds, burnt oranges and sunny yellows, the air is cool and brisk and it is perfect hiking weather.


We spent a few days up in Northern, VT and that is where we chose to take a beautiful hike on our own, just to reconnect with each other and the earth. We had spent the night in Middlebury, VT, (where we want to have our second home when we are rich a famous!) and took our hike on the Abbey Pond Trail in the heart of the Green Mountains.


The trail was described as being for “beginners”, but as we soon found out it was all up hill. The hike is four miles from the trailhead to Abbey Pond and it took us about 3 hours roundtrip. Although we did make a few stops to take pictures and just sit and enjoy the view. In less than a mile you make it to a beautiful wooden bridge that spans the first junction. As you continue on, you have to cross the small river at one point to stay on the trail. There are gorgeous views of the mountains as well as huge boulders that crop up all along the trail. The canopy of trees keeps things cool and we did not run into a single other soul while we were out there that day (it was a Monday).

It was just gorgeous! I recommend it to anyone visiting the Middlebury area, something I also highly recommend – more on that later, likely on my Leftover Queen blog .

We were exhausted by the end of it, being out of shape when it comes to hiking but feeling really invigorated!



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