Travel Tip of the Week – Accommodations

Most people, given the choice, would not complain about having a choice to save a few dollars on rooms while on vacation. You can skip the big hotel, stay in real comfort and still save. In fact, unless your prime goal is to stay in a big hotel, some prefer the smaller, cozier options.

Bed and Breakfasts can be a great deal. Not only do you get a cozy room, many even with fireplaces or other amenities and chalk full of local charm, but you get really good, homemade breakfasts. I have really enjoyed the pampered feeling of an afternoon sherry or cup of tea with cookies and then breakfasting in a real dining room on a table with linens and china. Fluffy bathrobes and mints on your pillow isn’t roughing it by any means, yet the savings are significant. They are usually located close to transportation and points of interest. And often times, you can even sweeten the deal with offers of an extra free night when you stay for two.

Family run castles, farms and estates are also great deals. Often the only way for owners to keep them going is to offer room and board. You have the use of the property, great views, nice clean rooms many with little balconies or terraces, and a chef at your disposal. If you are in a different country, you get the feeling of being a visitor rather than a boarder. Jenn and Roberto had a wonderful experience while they were touring Italy by staying at The Torraccia di Chiusi just outside of Tuscany. Visit her post under the Europe category for pictures and more details.

A final suggestion, especially if you are going to be in one place a week or longer, is to rent an apartment. While this may seem extravagant, I have heard it time and again that this saves a lot of money. Not only do you not have to pay the daily hotel room rate, but you also have the comfort of the whole place including a kitchen. And you can even save more money by eating in some of the time.



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