With the premiere of Sex and the City 2, I thought it was just the right time to give the update on my Girls Getaway. The four of us, from left- Mary, Alice, Arlene and Janice-aren’t the same as the four gals in Sex & The City and we aren’t going off on an exotic trip to the desert. But we are just as good friends to each other and it is a sure bet that we are going to have a blast – rehashing the past, updating each other on our lives, and making some new memories too. If you need to catch up on Part One and see what we looked like when we were kids, check here.

Now, finally, four months later, we have decided on where we are going and when. I had no idea how difficult it would be or how long it would take to blend all of our schedules with our own families, work, and other commitments for four women. It was no small task.  But, we did persevere and now we are happy that we were able to be persistent and committed enough to get it done.

After looking at the many options of where to go we finally decided, much to our collective surprise and now, much to our delight, on heading back to where we had our roots and history together – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We will gather there in mid August this summer. It should be quite an adventure.

Each of us is tasked with deciding on some of the sights we’ll visit. Some will be old haunts to see how they have changed over the years and some will be new. So many times people look elsewhere to explore and often neglect the things in their own back yards. I was amazed to find so many interesting places that I never knew about when I lived there!  A lot has changed too over the years,too.  Somethings are gone now.  I am not sure how we will feel when we can’t find the place where we went for a cherry coke after school or the place where we danced on Saturday nights.  But there are a lot of new things that have come to Pittsburgh and the valley, too.

When I lived there, I kind of took it for granted.  Just a dirty steel town I thought.  But today it is a thriving place to go and we are psyched. I will be back for the final chapter after our “sisters” reunion to let you know how we did.