Right in the middle of the hustling streets of Pittsburgh, hidden behind a tree lined fence is The Frick. The complex houses an art museum, a car and carriage museum, a playhouse* a greenhouse and the Clayton – the Frick family home.

To give a little background, Henry Clay Frick was a noted industrialist and art collector. While on his honeymoon with new wife Adelaide, he met Andrew Carnegie and from that meeting they formed a partnership between H. C. Frick and Company and Carnegie Steel Company – the forerunner of United States Steel.

He had a daughter, Helen Clay Frick, who left as legacy, the museum and extensive art.

The day we visited The Frick we entered the grounds though an enormous rod iron gate that was surrounded by a red brick, rose-covered wall that encased the complex. The first building was the Car and Carriage Museum which housed the horse-drawn and horseless carriages the Frick family used during the gilded age.

To the left of that was the Frick Art Museum which I am sorry to say we never got to as we took so long seeing the rest of the compound. I hear the paintings, artifacts, and sculptures range from the 12th to 18th centuries. Something to go back to see!

Mary and Alice – Ready for lunch!

We had a luncheon reservation at The Café at the Frick outside under the awning facing the gardens. It was a wonderfully refined and girlie thing to do and we had such a good time. Teas and a Sunday brunch can also be enjoyed there.

Lunch-carrot and peach soup, crab melt on brioche and lemon tart

One of the fun things we looked at was this darling playhouse*. It was really a full sized cottage that I would love to live in!! It was the playhouse for little Helen. Now it is a gift and museum shop.

Alice, Mary and Janice in front of playhouse

Adjacent to it is a working greenhouse where flowers and vegetables (served at the Café) are grown. Outside there is also a very interesting garden with some unusual plants.

Janice – are giving a tour of the greenhouse?

Lastly, is the Frick family’s late 19th century home called the Clayton where 90% of the furnishings are original. It is beyond what I would call a family home. It is a MANSION. It was closed the day we were there but they do have regular tours. We peeked through the windows and were WOWED!!

Family home

In all we spent an entire morning to early afternoon but we also had afternoon plans in a different part of town and had to leave. Could have made a day of it.

The Frick

7227 Reynolds Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15208