“It’s better to travel well than to arrive.”   -Bhudda

You are planning your honeymoon or you and your daughter are taking a trip together to create some special memories. Do you save on the transportation to have more to spend when you get there or do you think of the journey to there as important enough to be a part of the celebration? If it is a trip of a lifetime, why not go in luxury all the way!!! Just this once!

One thing that I think makes sense is to work with a travel agent. These days agents don’t often charge for their services, but they could work with you to create the full package and give you tips and ideas of ways to get the most for the money you have to spend.

Would you rather be in first class, even if expensive, and drink champagne and be served a meal on linen or do you want to sit cramped in the back, paying for a bag of nuts? Do you want to be transported by a limo or drive yourself to the airport and hassle with luggage and satellite parking? These are choices that could make the difference in creating a truly memorable, special occasion trip.

Baggage claim by Mat Honan

Photo by Mat Honan

015ed by Mark F. Levisay

Photo by Mark F. Levisay


Rolls-Royce 20-25 Gurney Nutting Saloon by Ed Callow [ torquespeak ]

Photo by Ed Callow

Arabic Mezzah by Sarah_Ackerman

Photo by Sarah_Ackerman

Be sure you both of you are part of the planning and then create a budget. Decide on the type of experience you would like to share– some exotic spot, someplace private, a glitzy city, a trip to wine county?? Describe to your agent what you would like and let her help you figure out what some good options are. If you want to get the first class treatment and can be open to suggestion, you are likely to work out a plan to include all the little luxuries to make it a dream come true trip from start to finish.