Memorial Day Flags by eddiecoyote

Photo courtesy of eddiecoyote

In the US, Memorial Day is a day set aside for us to honor and remember those in our Armed Forces who died while in service to our country.  To all those we honor, fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, sisters, daughters, we salute you.

This is also a time when we begin to see the trees greening, and the flowers blooming and the sun feeling a little warmer. It is the day we traditionally usher in the summer season.

For those who have the luck for an extra day off today, we are enjoying a long weekend.  And for our northern friends who are just now bidding farewell to snow and cold, people are hitting the roads.  Even in these tough economic times, it is expected that we will be out heading for the beach, the lakes, or just a welcomed getaway to shake off the cabin fever of long days inside.

A few posts ago, I gave a consolidation of tips on saving gas on the road.  Following that theme and keeping in mind that many families will be traveling by car, here are a few more ideas to keep you happy and sane while getting there.

When Jenn was younger and we would go on our little road trips, we always made sure that the journey was PART of the fun.  We would not push and get frantic about messed up timelines.  There is no fun in racing against the clock.  We do that everyday.  So let this Memorial Day travel be more relaxing.

It is hot.  Down here in Florida we went straight from winter to the 90’s.   So be sure you pack plenty of water.  Better yet, take refillable stainless bottles and be green.  If your little ones like sodas or that sweet stuff, just bring a jug of juice and splash some into the water for them instead. It  tastes good and it is economical too.

Plan on taking some good snacks along and let the kids pack the little snack bags. Give them dried fruits, popcorn, nuts, etc to pick from and let them go to it.

Make sure you take frequent breaks – stretch, walk a few minutes, use the bathroom, whatever, but plan on it.  It is not just good to let the kids out to burn off some energy, it is good for you too.  It may make your travel time longer, but it will be well worth it.

Be flexible.  If you see something of interest along the way, why not just do it.  Who knows if you will pass that way again and it could turn out to be a worthwhile adventure.

Don’t try to do marathon driving.  Set a reasonable time.  Then stop for the day.  Have a nice dinner, use the pool, spend the evening relaxing and get to bed early so you can be relaxed and ready to go the next morning.

Have fun!!  Relax!  Enjoy your weekend!



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