After extensive remodeling, Latino Y Mas has reopened in Ocala, FL and our ladies’ group set out to go there to check it out. We were about 12 of us so they set us up in one of the smaller private dining areas. The place was packed so it was a good thing we had a reservation. The young man who was our server never missed a beat and we sure had him hopping with all of our requests. The food was really good too. Generous portions were served sizzling hot and colorfully plated. I ordered Chuletas al a Marsala,  pork chops sauteed with mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce,  but because I am cutting back on white carbs, I asked to have vegetables instead of the rice. There were no questions asked and no price increase either. When I saw broccoli (not my favorite vegetable), I thought I was in trouble until I tasted it. It was the best, most perfectly cooked and seasoned broccoli I have ever had.

The restaurant was beautiful. It was upscale looking inside and out. The walls were bright, the details of the furniture, art work and accent pieces were authentic with nothing spared in creating the ambiance of the eatery.

When it was time to serve the birthday cake that we brought, our June birthday girls were serenaded by the wait staff and they even cut and plated the cake for us.

Visit their website for directions and the full menu.